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Hiring Lawyers in True Medical Malpractice Cases


A Study in Futility







   Since I lost my precious and wonderful wife to extreme medical malpractice, I have been trying to have the guilty medical personnel held accountable for their willful and deliberate medical negligence.  What should be a very simple case of having medical licenses revoked and much warranted jail time, has been turned into a fiasco I never could have imagined.  I hope my exposing these cowardly and/or money hungry lawyers; will help show one of the major problems plaguing our healthcare system.  With all the overwhelming evidence I have, the fact I am still being denied justice is beyond all logical decency and the constitutional protection of all our human rights.  It is all about the money and the carnage has to end.

   I will start with Dave Spicer, a lawyer who for years was a family friend.  Dave Spicer went out of his way to represent us.  We were aware that he had represented mostly doctors in the past, but had a change of heart and felt more comfortable representing the victims.  We had no reason not to trust him implicitly but his advice and his misleading us could not have been worse and was a contributing factor to the doctors continued lack of responsibility.

    When I immediately informed Spicer that Sayegh had lied, Spicer’s advice was not to make any waves as I may make it worse for my wife.  I am still haunted by the fact, that if he had raised hell the minute he was informed, the doctors would have been compelled to treat the immediate problem.  The time wasted while I relied on the horrible advice caused major damage to my wife’s condition and it was never taken care of.  We were to be told by other lawyers, including our next waste of time lawyer, Jeff Fulford, that Spicer’s advice was completely wrong and he would have advised just the opposite, explaining that was the way to get any positive results.  He went out of his way to distance himself from Dave Spicer, telling me he was not at all like Spicer and was very firm in his dislike for Spicer.  It turns out they were both from the same mold.  Incidentally all the lawyers seem to find ways to deny what I am stating, but I have emails and other positive proof that I am completely honest in what I am writing.

   Spicer continued to act like he would eventually go after the responsible doctors until my wife’s final day.  Just a few hours after my wife passed Spicer informs me ‘I have no case’.  He then incredulously proceeds to tell me I should not have an autopsy and should have my wife cremated.  Even the useless lawyers I subsequently spoke to agreed his advice could not have been worse.  I was to realize, much too late, that Spicer still was giving allegiance to the doctors.  He completely misinformed me when first he showed interest in my case.  A fact he will deny, but so easy to prove.  The disdain I have come to have for Dave Spicer keeps growing.  He has caused immense and irreparable pain to my family and then continued his lying by telling vile and untrue stories to mutual friends.  He is beyond contempt.

   This is when Jeff Fulford, another supposed friend who had been continually offering his help, assured me he was no Dave Spicer and had good faith that justice would be done in my case.  I fell for the seeming sincerity once again leading to my next eventual complete disappointment and disillusionment.  Another fact that will be denied, even though his wife was present and totally agreed with everything I am saying.

   For the next seven months I would be periodically informed all was going well and my case was looking very good.  Even so, little red flags were beginning to show, but I kept being assured all was good.  For example when I would ask very important questions such as “how can anyone have stage four cancer that has spread throughout the body and not one trace ever being found except for the original biopsy that I very strongly suspect was tampered with.  My personal theory and M.D. Anderson debunks much of Jupiter Medical Center’s findings.  Secondly, why didn’t anyone investigate the totally fictitious report that Fran Spiegel’s main practitioner, Gabriella Bomomo, wrote that never took place?  Bonomo seemed much too eager to participate in the cover up.  There should be no argument at all about revoking her license.  Third, but not at all final was the time gap Sayegh lied about.  Not one lawyer would give an honest explanation to the damaging event that led to the end of my wife’s life.  Sean Domnick, the third lawyer I will write about, who I have dubbed “The Coward”, had the gall to tell me “all doctors lie” so I shouldn’t pursue that line of thought.  That particular insidious lie led to the death of my wife but I should ignore it, because all doctors lie.  Domnick “the coward”, took his cowardly fear to a level I can only relay to you with utter disgust.  There is so much more these lawyers chose to ignore and it can all be found on my websites, plus my future in depth media postings.

    Up until the final days of Fulford’s ineptness, his own office believed Fulford was going to court and Fulford had me totally believing the same.  Fulford and Domnick used the same lame excuses to leave me with just wasted months.  They both said they were putting their trust in Dr. Graham the Jupiter Medical Pathologist.  Both times the Graham excuse was used when the case seemed to be going favorably.  Dr. Graham was there when the original doctors were telling absolute lies and delaying the results of the original biopsy.  Dr. Edit Tolnai, an oncologist, actually told me dye had damaged the slides and would take days to correct: another lie among many others that was denied.  Graham was very aware of this and I have since learned it is not the first time he has been involved in this kind of controversy.  Still I am supposed to swallow the swill these people are handing out.

   Next is “the coward” Sean Domnick.  Domnick was made aware of what I had gone through with my previous attorneys.  He assured me this would not be the case with him.  A fact he also will most probably deny.  The two year statute of limitations was nearing and Domnick had me convinced not to worry.  He assured me money would not be a problem and had me sign a multitude of legal documents that only led me to further believe in his sincerity,  Everything seemed to be going along with no problems for several months until one day with no warning he calls my daughter to tell her he is quitting.  It was on a Friday I received this devastating revelation.  When I got hold of Domnick, he informs me it is late and he will explain himself after the weekend.  I am actually talking direct to Domnick and tell him it is too important and I want an explanation right now.  His weekend break could wait a few more minutes.  He then makes it clear he will not talk to me and I spoke very firmly to him which I am certain was very appropriate due to his callousness in refusing to explain himself.  I then receive an email three days later stating he will not talk to me anymore because of my attitude and proceeds to list a very false set of reasons for quitting.  He made sure I could not respond directly.  That is the reason I have labeled him “The Coward”.  A title he most certainly has earned.

   Finally, just further proof of the futility of finding a decent lawyer to represent such an important and righteous case.  I recently contacted the law offices of Craig Goldenfarb,P.A.  It was a good conversation leaving me with the hope, maybe we had found a pearl among the swine.  Wrong again: I received not one, but three letters informing me that he would not take my case.  They had the gall to bring up the fact ‘the statute of limitations’ was nearing.  My three previous useless lawyers helped bring me close to that meaningless and most likely unconstitutional entity.  They then went on to give me an agency to call because the lobbyists were making it very difficult for cases like mine.  With that kind of reasoning, why the hell do we need lawyers?  Now, they are actually sending me brochures detailing how dedicated they are to helping in all legal matters, including medical malpractice.  Just how low has the legal profession actually sunk?  Money, cowardice and fear, while people are needlessly dying by the thousands.  I will have no part of it and will never quit fighting in the name of Fran Spiegel.

   Lest we forget: the most important fact is the doctors I have so rightfully accused: knowingly, deliberately and recklessly withheld the treatment needed to save my beautiful and precious wife’s life.




©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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