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The (Un)Constitution of America

                                                            By: Mel Spiegel                             

THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA is under attack by the healthcare system.  Very, very deep pockets are making laws that simply are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Their purpose is not to seek the truth but to suppress it.  Almost every law passed or being pursued by friends of the healthcare system is geared to suppress a victim’s right to due process. The prohibitive high costs that are being heaped on the victims of medical malpractice makes it next to impossible for the victims to get their rightful day in court - UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Where are the elected supposed defenders of truth and justice when this UNCONSTITUTIONAL flaunting stares them right in the face daring them to do something to stop this evil?


I am determined to make people aware of the epidemic of medical murder that is running rampant in our country.  Our government and top spokespeople are continually telling us they are very aware of the problem but do nothing to actually help get rid of it.  Whether it be payoffs or fear or just plain apathy: it has to end.  For example, the very credible and knowledgeable Michael Moore makes a wonderful documentary that has everyone talking about the problem and then ten years later the problem is worse.  He does not follow up and keep the heat on the guilty people.  I have written several letters to him expressing my feelings and have never received a response, even though I have guaranteed him absolute proof of ongoing medical malpractice.  Similar letters to respected congress people such as Senator Pat Leahy, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Senator Al Franken and so many more only are answered with generic responses followed by constant requests for campaign money, but total silence on my requests for help.  They will intermittently talk of their concern, but it is only talk followed by apparent indifference.  We have to make the responsible people accountable or get rid of them and go totally all out for people who will not be afraid to fight for such a righteous cause.  More than ever, we have to make future elections a referendum on human rights, but be very, very careful not to allow even worse factions to buy and elect their way into an even worse healthcare system.  


We cannot continue to be sold out by a corrupt judicial system that puts a price tag on human dignity and life.  The propaganda they continue on a daily basis has to be matched by the truth.


We are being supported by very good people who want the laws changed for the better.  The problem is we can’t get anything substantially done by going after it piece by piece.  I am convinced the only true and quickest way to change would be all our supporters coming together and fighting for 100% transparency in the medical field.


If you follow the logic through, every problem would be solved if we knew where all the payouts were going and every doctors’ record was made 100% available.  The corruption would cease in every part of the healthcare system if total 100% transparency became the just and logical law.  The irony is how can anyone rationally argue against this reasoning?  We are dealing with peoples’ health and lives, not espionage or secret deals.  The only reason to have secrets in healthcare is to illegally enrich very greedy and uncaring people.  It must end.


We are warned not to make one mistake in telling the facts as we know them.  Otherwise the lawyers and doctors will tear all our credibility to pieces because of one misspoken word.  On the other side of the jaded coin, the doctors can continually lie about our disruptiveness and demeanor putting words out that we never said.  It seems then the legal animals turn a deaf ear.  It is all too bizarre.


Let us all join together and become an unstoppable force in forever ending the fraudulent and UNCONSTITUTIONAL medical malpractice laws that continue to needlessly kill innocent and unsuspecting loved ones. There should not be the slightest problem in getting a rational and sane movement to stop the insane laws.  Most of our current med-mal laws are 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL and criminal.   It is actually written and known to all concerned that the CONSTITUTIONALITY of most of the legal garbage is still not determined.  It is easier to call it “complicated.”  100% transparency with not the slightest loophole will permanently end the scourge of unpunished medical malpractice.


I am going to present a simple look into how we got here and the ridiculous wording of what is called “complicated.”  It simply is not complicated.  There is nothing complicated about the words of thieves and medical murderers who have spent billions to make trillions.  They have methodically duped a trusting and vulnerable country into believing the deadly lies they spew are legal and just.  Not complicated: just very expensive propaganda in its most lethal interpretation.


I will begin with The Statute of Limitations.  If ever a law was filled with unconstitutional rhetoric, ambiguity and shameful restrictions it is The Statute of Limitations.  Most important and not “complicated,” many lawyers will try so hard to avoid any confrontation with the healthcare monster and say The Statute of Limitations is written in stone: absolutely untrue.  There are exceptions and loopholes. All you need is a strong lawyer to figure all the angles. We are told (in Florida) you only have two years to file, or your case will be lost forever.  What does person do if a lawyer strings him along for one year and 364 days, then decides to quit with no explanation?  The time a lawyer has to make up his mind can vary.  It does happen but there is that word that should protect us - UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Next we come to the presuit.  If there is any doubt this particular phase reeks of lawlessness, ambiguity, UNCONSTITUTIONALITY and that worn out word “complicated,” it is the presuit.  It is so ridiculous and totally eroding the rights of the victim, it should have been doomed before it ever got any traction.  The smell of money really reared its ugly head in this particular repealing of human rights.  Most of the lawyers I have spoken to seem to quote these wayward notions while telling me (off the record) they know them to be legal garbage.  This is a maze of confusion even Rube Goldberg could have been proud of.


In wrongful death cases there are actually exceptions to the exceptions.  Another case of “complicated” that isn’t so complicated.  A doctor can be completely at fault for total blatant and obvious malpractice and get away with it if the patient is elderly, unmarried or without minor children.  The UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of this travesty just screams to be changed. But the big money somehow silences any voices of reason: Very “uncomplicated.”


Doctors and hospitals have also availed themselves of what was used by the kings and queens of old England called sovereign immunity. Through all kinds of loopholes and “complicated” UNCONSTITUTIONAL legal bull, they can claim immunity when confronted with obvious medical malpractice.  Naturally we are told to find a lawyer who is an expert in this medieval practice, but most of these lawyers lean toward the money – namely the corrupt healthcare system.

A client is allowed to explain in court what transpired in most accident cases.  This is not the case in medical malpractice.  The victim has to provide expert witnesses for virtually 100% of the doctor’s failure.  The cost and time then becomes so prohibitive, the victim and his family will eventually give up.  Most lawyers will claim the fact they have no problem with accident cases proves they have no problem with medical malpractice cases.  This is complete fiction.  Most lawyers shy away from any case where a doctor can be severely punished and a hospital may be found liable.  Those are your true medical malpractice cases.  Not “complicated” - just UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


The healthcare system has become all about the money and nothing but the money.  Age and class play a huge part in determining how a patient should be compensated, regardless of any degree of pain and suffering.  Very, very “uncomplicated” – just very, very UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  We have to work together.  This is America: we get laws overturned by voting for the people we need.  It is the only way.  They lied to get decent laws overturned.  It is time to take back our CONSTITUTIONAL right to live.


In future blogs I go into detail explaining the necessity of a 100% (no loopholes) transparency law.  When it is fully understood, it will become absolutely clear why no other laws will be necessary and the corrupt walls of our healthcare system will disappear.

©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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