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Transparency: Now and Forever


                                                                                                               By: Mel Spiegel




There is a growing misinformed public who are mistakenly accepting the premise that finding fault with most medical malpractice is virtually impossible to prove.  Adding to that misguided madness is the concept that expecting any change must "take years" despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent victims are dying needlessly each year because of all the very rampant and virtually accepted medical malpractice.  This insane thinking is the result of the constant drum beating and perpetual money flow of the Healthcare lobby.  This stifling and deadly way of dispensing healthcare must end in order to save lives.


I have researched and found that basically everyone striving to end this healthcare scourge all want the same results. The question is how do we achieve our goals against such formidable odds?  The answer is really not complicated.  The key we all want and will bring together is “TRANSPARENCY” - Total, complete and unwavering transparency.  To make sure this life saving procedure will be strictly adhered to, the severest of penalties must be the law if there is the slightest departure from 100% transparency.  This is where "zero tolerance" has to be the absolute rule.  We the people pay the medical bills.  Our taxes pay for Medicare, Medicaid and we have been paying the insurance companies far too much.  What right has anyone to keep us in the dark when it comes to our health needs?  The real power is in our hands.  We have to unite and wield that power.


Everyone involved must come together for our goals to be realized.  There are wonderful and dedicated people like Dayton Smith and his website, the "Propublica Patient Harm Community" and so many others doing all they can to end the stranglehold the healthcare lobbyists have created.  These lobbyists have reached and bought off all aspects that have anything to do with healthcare.  Doctors, lawyers, medical administrators, Congressmen and women, plus a bought-and-paid-for media that has had so much to do with creating a misinformed population.


Those years of expensive lobbying and misinformation have given a great part of the medical profession a false set of rules and a false sense of immunity to help them get away with (what in many cases are) outright major crimes.  Just ask or research the victims and their families.  A person should not have to go into a hospital where the percentage of dying from something other than what brought them there is so high.  It must be stopped.


The facts are that many medical malpractice suits are very easy to prove.  The public and even the best medical malpractice lawyers have fallen under the bought-and-paid-for illusion that most medical malpractice is virtually impossible to prove or it is "so difficult and expensive" to prove.  It just gets settled out of court - far too often with minimal punishment to a select group of willfully corrupt or just incompetent money obsessed doctors and administrators.  It just has become so outrageously expensive and takes so long to prosecute - the malpractice is left to virtually die its own death without anything being done.  How fitting a description for the deadly malpractice dispensers.  Make no mistake - the power the medical profession has accumulated to protect itself for the sake of riches, at the expense and disregard for the patient, is out of control.  There is not one innocent life and there has been far too many, that is worth the immense fortune these unscrupulous medical people have somehow accrued. 


This is not the CIA or the National Security Agency where exposing secrets can cost lives.  This is a matter of the peoples’ health, where keeping secrets has cost far too many lives.  Correct this insidious problem and the only losers will be the unscrupulous pack of mercenaries who have made obscene profits at the cost of innocent victims.


Let us immediately start a program of 100% TRANSPARENCY.  This would demand a complete history of all medical personnel, all medical transactions and a complete explanation of what is being done for the person receiving medical treatment.  This should become legally mandatory and thoroughly vetted.  Any deviation will be met with loss of license and the strictest punishments possible.  Millions of lives will be saved.  It should not be a game to see who can make the biggest profits.  Once there is complete transparency - that seemingly impenetrable wall of medical malpractice will crumble. 


MASS MEDIA POWER: Our goal for total transparency must be to make everyone knowledgeable of what unchecked power has done to the medical profession.  Let our purpose be to uncheck these powers through an unending and unrelenting message to our government (who has been far too complicit or too fearful in taking on this insidious killing machine.)  Marches and petitions are fine, but we also have to bombard the media with the truth.  Not for a day, a week or a year.  We have to honestly use the media until our very noble job is done.  That is the way to reach and educate the whole nation.  The time has come to start saving the many lives that will continue to be lost if we believe the outrageous accepted lies that these crimes are untouchable and aren’t even crimes.  That has been their mantra and it is utterly ridiculous and shameful.


Also, not one honest and diligent doctor will be denied the fair profit he/she so richly deserves by their devotion to saving lives without a bean counter observing their every move.  Total transparency will work for the honest medical worker, not against.  That is another fact all the people and the medical profession have to be made aware of.  Working together on this noble cause, we will weed out the uncaring, the unfit, the negligent and the ultra-greedy forces that have steadily dominated our medical profession far too long.  Many, many lives will be saved and so many of our loved ones would still be here.


Join us now.  It is a battle that can be and must be won.





©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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