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     Murder Incorporated was the infamous name given the most notorious crime syndicate of the 1930’s and 40’s.  They were responsible for an estimated 1000 contract killings. That fact is what made their name so well known.  Those numbers pale when compared to how many medical murders the corrupt Healthcare System is accountable for.  The hitmen and gangsters have been replaced by lobbyists and ‘in their pocket’ lawyers.  Just like any organized crime syndicate the Healthcare System has bought off a multitude of politicians: thus putting the legal advantage almost completely in the greedy hands of the medical murderers.  The money used against the unwitting public is astronomical.  Estimates have put the wealth of these gangsters at upwards of two trillion dollars.  That is a two with twelve zeroes!

   What defies logic is the amount of reporting that details the hundreds of thousands who are murdered, maimed and crippled yearly due to medical malpractice or the more apropos, medical murder.  The reporting is plentiful and still the people have not been able, even minutely, to stop the carnage.  It has been just the opposite.  How is this possible?

   The public has been programmed to mistrust the government, right or wrong.  When are we all going to wake up and realize? WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!  If we are not happy with who is in, we have the power to vote them out.  That is the very essence a successful democracy is based on, if it is to survive.  With lobbyists and some very unscrupulous lawyers, they have helped big business change the whole spectrum.  They can hide behind the very laws (many unconstitutional) they pay the corrupt politicians to pass.  Make no mistake, billions are spent to pass laws that are detrimental to the people and then billions more are spent convincing the people it is in their best interests. Think about how much money they must be pocketing to be able to spend this mind numbing fortune.

   Here are some examples of how naive and misinformed we have become.  How often do you hear, ‘if you want things done’, write your congress person?  Try it and then wait for the results.  You will either get a response steering you to other places that may be able to help and then those places will tell you to write the congress person who told you to write to them in the first place.  Or you might get a response, ‘they feel your pain and we should all learn to deal with it.’  Most likely there will be no response at all.  You can also be assured if you do hear from your congress person they will always end the message asking for money for a project you’ve already paid taxes for.  It isn’t much different from the protection the ‘crime syndicate’ demanded whether you needed it or not.  The healthcare crime syndicate has all their avenues covered and well paid for.

   There is another very sad and despicable aspect of what the criminal Healthcare System has helped so many ruthless and incompetent doctors get away with.  After the medical malpractice has been performed, many patients could still survive if treated for the damage done.  The practice of cover up has become so accepted by so many doctors that instead of giving their patient a fighting chance after the medical malfeasance, it is more profitable to just let the patient die, rather than risk a lawsuit.  There are many reports of this insidious practice and far too little, if anything, being done about it.

   One of the worst and most frustrating responses is, when you have irrefutable, absolutely uncontestable evidence that a doctor has blatantly lied about a tragedy stemming from a fatal malpractice he is covering up.  You are told you will need sworn testimony from witnesses, even though the evidence is there for any grade school student to understand.  Plus the cost of the unneeded witnesses is prohibitive and will take months if not years to get to court.  A very well organized ‘criminal healthcare syndicate’ in action.  The true ‘Murder Incorporated’ concept.  You either try hopelessly to forge ahead, give up for the sake of your mental stability or give up for the most common reason: lack of money.

      The whole multi-trillion criminal healthcare syndicate, with its billions of dollars of payouts is not worth one single life lost to medical malpractice because they have usurped the laws.  These are criminal acts the majority of people are aware of.  The President, the Congress, lawyers, doctors, everybody knows what has happened.  The acts are tantamount to the medical murder of hundreds of thousands every year. 

  The most notorious crime syndicates have been taken down.  Let’s take down the criminal wing of the Healthcare System.  Put lives ahead of money, it’s as simple as that. The major difference between “Murder Incorporated” and the criminal element of the Healthcare System is, the Healthcare System has killed and maimed a multitude more innocent victims.  Let’s pass the laws to get rid of these murderous bastards.

                                                     Murder Incorporated

©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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