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The Medical Mafia 

By: Mel Spiegel


To really learn how shameful the people running a major part of our healthcare system are, just follow what I have posted.  I wrote to the president of the Florida Jupiter Medical Center (John Couris) asking a very simple question: How can you continue to employ a doctor (Bassam Sayegh) who has a disgraceful record of medical malpractice?  This includes numerous unnecessary deaths and now my wife - Fran Spiegel, needlessly, painfully and recklessly being the latest victim.


I was subsequently reported to the police and then realized my emails were being blocked.  The police told me I was doing the right thing and to continue with the good work.  The blocking and reporting me to the police are beyond contempt.  Meanwhile the massive cover up at Florida Jupiter Medical Center continues.


This message was originally blocked by the powers that be at Jupiter Medical Center.  How absolutely shameful.  I will continue to get my truthful messages heard.


In a message dated 9/13/2014 12:59:40 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 


John Couris,


I am attaching what your team seems inclined to ignore, your so-called (“Our Mission.")  Personally, I felt the hypocrisy ran exceptionally wild when I read the lines about “respect” and “integrity."  All the rest is a referendum on how all of you are shirking your duties.  Every one of you should take a course as to what is written in your “Our Mission."  I know it will be an eye opener for all my readers.

Since one or more of your silent team shamefully called the police to report my more than appropriate emails, it seems more than appropriate I should also call the police to find out why public servants refuse to answer my more than appropriate questions.  You all purport to show concern for the integrity of Jupiter Medical Center, yet all stay very silent while corruption and cover ups are running rampant.

I am still hoping to get answers as to how you can continue to work with the multi-malpractitioner, Bassam Sayegh, whose lies led directly to the painful death of my wife.  How can you work with a disgrace like board-uncertified Henry Shapiro, whose absolutely undeniable and extremely provable lies helped shorten and add more horrible pain to my wife’s few remaining days?  The rest of the staff that helped cover up, including Edit Tolnai and Gabriella Bonomo, simply defy logic when the proof of their malpractice is overwhelming and also so easy to prove.  I have had lawyers tell me the extreme medical malpractice my wife so painfully endured was undeniable, yet whether through fear or monetary gain, they decided to quit with no reasonable explanation.  Yet I am now told I will need well over one hundred thousand dollars, with no guarantee anything will be accomplished, just to get started again.  I have already been subjected to the intimidation faced by anyone taking my side.  That simply will not happen anymore: just as the unconstitutional Statute of Limitations will not deter me one iota.  Murder, medical murder and Medicare fraud have no limitations. 

I will be waiting for a response from anyone, but will not get my hopes up too high, because "doing right for the victims of inept and lying doctors" seems to be a lost cause for so many of you. 

Once again, your disgusting Email block attempts will not deter us.

Mel Spiegel


These excerpts are from your official website.  (Read with shame)


To deliver excellent and compassionate health care advancing the well-being of the people we serve.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading health care organization in the region, the employer of choice and the preferred partner of physicians.


**Respect : We treat all individuals with courtesy, compassion and kindness, and value their individual uniqueness and dignity.

**Integrity : We strive to earn the trust and respect of those we serve by holding ourselves personally accountable to maintain high standards of professionalism.

Excellence : We pursue the highest standards in quality care, service and patient satisfaction. We commit to continually improve our organization.

Stewardship  We perform in a way that communicates we are here to serve. We are accountable to our environment.

Teamwork : By working together as a team, we create an environment that inspires trust, safeguards dignity and promotes healing.

Lifelong Learning : We promote an environment that is receptive to new ideas and knowledge. We will provide learning opportunities for patients, staff and the community.



Mel Spiegel



In a message dated 8/28/2014 5:03:17 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 


John Couris,


I am once again writing for the sole purpose of getting answers to very important questions.  It defies logic the people in charge of the institution where these medical crimes occurred refuse to answer me.  Over $100,000.00 was paid to Jupiter Medical Center because of the botched surgery performed by Bassam Sayegh in spite of his fatal lie: and yes, even the multi-malpractitoner , Bassam Sayegh, received substantial money from Medicare for a surgery gone bad and then lying to cover it up.  How absolutely wrong and detestable.   Yet, I cannot get anyone to even respond to my very pertinent questions.  It also seems my emails from my original email address are now being blocked: how pathetic, in view of the fact my questions relate to very extreme problems.  You can keep blocking my emails all you want.  I will find new emails each time for you and the world to read.  I will not stop until I get satisfactory answers to my very important questions.

Maybe some of your friends who read what I have so honestly written can ask you the question – “Do you condone the abysmal record of Bassam Sayegh?”  I would certainly love to know the answer.  Plus the fact, I and everyone deserve to know your answer.

Please show some backbone and respond to my perfectly legitimate and straightforward questions and stop your harassment of silence.



Mel Spiegel


-----Original Message-----

To: JCouris <>
Cc: TFreeman <>; StaceyBrandt <>; Murray.Fournie <>; Peter.Gloggner <>; bheartfield <>; Dale.Hocking <>; SSeeley <>; Kelly.Sullivan <>; twentz <>;
Sent: Mon, Aug 18, 2014 2:00 am
Subject: Re: Continuing failure to do your jobs.


John Couris,


I feel I have been very respectful in seeking to get answers to some very important questions.  You referred my original email to Terri Freeman.  She answered me with a totally inaccurate and incomplete response, making it very clear to me absolutely no proper investigating was being done on her part.  She also wrote that if I have any questions I should refer them to her.  I immediately wrote back, again explaining with complete honesty the blatant lies and ongoing cover up being perpetrated by members of your medical staff, initiated by the multi-malpractitioner, Bassam Sayegh. 

According to your website’s “Mission Statement,” you are dedicated “To deliver excellent and compassionate health care advancing the well-being of the people we serve.”  Why do you then find it so difficult to answer very sincere questions about Bassam Sayegh’s horrific record of medical malpractice?

I am now being harassed by you, Terri Freeman and I’m certain by most of your administrative staff with total silence and lack of response.  After what was done (or more appropriate - not done) to my wife, your silence is harassment in its truest form.  I will not tolerate any of it.

I will continue posting my emails and all your responses, pointing out when you do not respond, for the entire world to read until I get a full, honest and comprehensive report.  A terrible case of medical malpractice is being covered up in your hospital to profit some very unfit people.  How can you possibly justify your total inaction?  I will not rest until the proper punishment, to my satisfaction, is meted out to all involved.


Mel Spiegel



In a message dated 8/12/2014 4:57:44 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 


Terri Freeman,


   It appears I am in for the silent treatment.  Any further information I’ve been hoping to receive from you, would mean you might have to answer some very important questions about the failure of Jupiter Medical Center when it comes to protecting their patients.  I also realize the very controversial and unconstitutional Statute of Limitations is nearing.  That will not deter me from continuing my quest for the justice my innocent wife deserves.  All the medical personnel involved should be and will continue to be exposed.  I hope all of you will read my present and future blogs that will continue to be posted on the internet and all other venues.  I’m certain they will help you understand what is wrong with Jupiter Medical Center and much of the healthcare system.

   After reading all that I have documented and I can prove everything is true: is there anyone among you who would let Bassam Sayegh touch any one of your loved ones?  I doubt it.  I should have been afforded the available knowledge to also make that decision.


Mel Spiegel


In a message dated 8/5/2014 1:26:20 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  


Terri Freeman,


   I feel I’ve given you ample time to respond to my last email.  You are doing just what my “do nothing” lawyers did when they quit due to cowardice or greed.  You also send your obligatory response and then you feel your duties have been fulfilled.

   I’m sick of the lies made available, due to the incredible amount of money that’s been spent to perpetuate these deadly healthcare laws.  It started not so very long ago and it was the catalyst that cost my wife her life.  There can be absolutely no reasonable explanation why the needless pain and suffering my wife went through at the hands of your medical staff should go unpunished.  I will not tolerate the weak and cowardly excuses I keep getting.  You know as well as I do, maybe even better than I, what these doctors have done.  The overwhelming proof is so easy to find we actually should not even need lawyers.  Then the John D. Couris’s and risk managers of the world could do the job they’re expected to do: keep the operation of the hospital working smoothly and honestly.  I know it is all about the money, but there is not enough profit in the world that could compensate the deliberate cover up that killed my wife.  Enough already - start earning the trust that we are supposed to expect from you.


Mel Spiegel


In a message dated 7/28/2014 3:31:34 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  


Terri Freeman,


   I have read with total disgust your incorrect findings as to what happened to my wife.  If the slightest bit of investigating was done,  you would have found my accusations are 100% accurate.  That is how I know nothing was done to find the truth.  I’m certain many of your colleagues are very well aware of this. Never-the-less I am expected to accept this totally inept and untrue white-washing of what is tantamount to a medical murder.  I promise you that will never happen.

   Incidentally, we have not lived at Apt.6E for at least ten years.  That is why the letters were returned.  When my wife had the extreme misfortune of checking into Jupiter Medical Center all of our information was current and correct: just another sign of incompetence but relatively very unimportant.  But so glaring in the continual mistakes your hospital seems to revel in.  This speaks volumes just how "accurate" your files are.

   I do realize accidents can happen and bleeding is not an uncommon occurrence.  It is also a fact, the multi-malpractitioner Bassam Sayegh has been involved in far too many “accidents” which I should have been made aware of before he ever touched my wife.  I doubt very much we would then be having this problem, which you and your co-workers are obviously ignoring.  He lied about the time my wife was left bleeding undetected and subsequent proper treatment was thereby ignored.  All his co-working doctors also refused to accept the truth even though I and all the aides in the recovery room were witnesses.  The time involved was well over an hour and the lying Sayegh claimed it was a matter of minutes.  A simple investigation on your part would prove this, but then you would have to do something about it.  It seems the truth is something you, Jupiter Medical Center and some of your doctors strongly oppose.  My full of life and vibrant wife did not stand a chance.

   You claim the medical records were reviewed to your satisfaction.  There is such positive proof of inaccuracies, cover-up and outright lies in those records; it defies all that is decent and moral that people in your position overlook death-causing acts simply because that is a big part of your job.  I am having none of it.

   Dr. Javle from M.D. Anderson was very clear and honest about the damage done to my wife and the total exaggerations of Tolnai, Sayegh and Graham.  The main reason he thought my wife had any cancer was his reliance on the much lied about and much traveled original biopsy slides.  “Stage 4 cancer?” but not one iota of actual cancer was ever found, despite test after test after test, looking specifically for cancer.  The explanations I have received from your doctors could fill a late night comedy hour.  Your disgraceful Dr. Henry Shapiro, in one his many nonsensical rantings, actually told me all doctors read cancer in different ways.  “Some see cancer as Route I-95 and others see cancer as Congress Ave.  So just because some doctors may not find the actual cancer, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”  I’m sure he will deny this, but those are his actual words.  Shapiro also is the doctor who refused to see my wife for three days when she had developed a deadly blood infection that directly killed her.  Dr. Javle informed us, before he received a gag order, the infection would have been avoided if Shapiro had called Dr. Javle earlier as Dr. Javle had requested.  I also have unimpeachable evidence of the disgraceful Shapiro saying very clearly my wife was in good health when he prematurely and recklessly released her, even though it was obvious this was not true.  The very next day Shapiro informs me he no longer is my wife’s doctor denying he had said my wife was in good health, stating I’m the one who insisted she be released.  It was a horrible and deadly lie and as I state, can be proven beyond any doubt.  Rest assured I am going to make the world very aware of this travesty.

   Incidentally, when their RISK MANAGER from M.D. Anderson realized Dr. Javle was being very honest with us, they completely shut him down.  Honesty, where my innocent wife is concerned has been totally bypassed.

   When this fiasco first began to unfold, my daughter and I tried to find answers directly from Jupiter Medical as to how they could continue to employ a person like Sayegh with so many settled malpractice suits and continue to put up with the ineptness of a “board uncertified” person like Shapiro.  It would behoove you and your colleagues to seriously look into this: it just might help to save lives.

   Lest we forget: the only important fact is these aforementioned doctors deliberately and knowingly withheld the treatment needed to save my wife’s life.


Mel Spiegel


In a message dated 7/24/2014 2:43:07 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Mr. Spiegel, your emails to John Couris were referred to my office. I want to apologize for the delay in responding to you but we sent a letter to the address we have on file for you twice and both of them were returned to us. I am attaching the letter and the returned envelopes so you can see our attempts.

As my letter states, please contact me if I may be of further assistance.

Terri Freeman, CPHRM

Director, Risk Management/Medical Staff Services

Jupiter Medical Center

Expect Excellence Always

1210 South Old Dixie Highway

Jupiter, Florida 33458

Phone: (561) 263-4409 Fax: (561) 263-5788




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