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My name is Sarah Spiegel.

I lost my mother to medical incompetence, negligence, and outright deceit perpetrated by both a medical institution and the doctors who committed the fatal errors that ultimately led to my mother's unnecessary death.

My father and I, being eyewitnesses to this heartbreaking but very preventable tragedy, have decided to do everything possible to right this terrible wrong.

To do nothing would be a crime in itself.

It should be mandatory that hospitals let patients (and family) know about their doctor's past history.

THE FRAN SPIEGEL RIGHT TO KNOW ACT will make it easy for the patient and family to decide the qualifications of every doctor to whom they entrust their lives.  It should cover every aspect of a doctor’s medical history.  It should be made easy for the patient and family to research all doctors’ files.  The victims should not be subjected to years of red tape which has unjustly become the norm through extensive and costly medical lobbying.  This only helps the guilty doctors to cover up their malpractice as they continue to take and ruin lives.  It also causes many victims and their families to just give up because of the monumental stress involved with the unwarranted delays and helps the facts to easily become distorted.  The hospital and doctors who knowingly help a doctor cover up their mistakes, or knowingly just close their eyes and ears to malfeasance, should also be held accountable for their actions under THE FRAN SPIEGEL RIGHT TO KNOW ACT.  This would discourage hospitals that continue to retain doctors who do not perform to their patients’ best interests. ​

We recently lost a very precious loved one.  The facts leading up to our loss show undeniable medical negligence and a massive cover-up due to a surgery gone wrong.  The surgeon in question lied about the time it took to correct a mistake made during surgery.  Assuming the original minor surgery was successful, the patient was brought to the recovery room while bleeding internally.  The doctor claimed he corrected his mistake immediately, even though the patient was left in the recovery room for well over an hour before the bleeding was discovered and major corrective surgery had to be performed. The time involved is indisputable.  Five nurses’ aides and my father were present who can attest to this.  The doctor later claimed - falsely - no harm was done, when in fact there was extensive internal damage due to the prolonged uncontrolled bleeding. 

The doctor's lies had very serious and eventual fatal consequences.  The subsequent treatment given to the patient was not what she needed, because the doctors did not realize the damage done, due to the cover-up.  After learning of this horrible lie we told all the attending physicians what had occurred. They continued to ignore the damage that was done and were very hostile to us for even suggesting a colleague would lie.  Some of them had even assisted this surgeon on previous tragic operations.

​We later learned the surgeon has numerous malpractice suits against him where several of the patients died – a few similar to our loved one.  If we had known this fact, we would never have let him touch my deeply loved mother and she would still be alive today. This should not be a game of protecting a colleague or a hospital’s money maker. This is a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, my very healthy and vibrant mother fell victim to the latter in a very short period of time.



We would like to start immediate action to make THE FRAN SPIEGEL RIGHT TO KNOW ACT a mandatory law.

The doctors involved in continuous malpractice should not be allowed to work with their impervious sense of invincibility, due to years of lobbying, lack of transparency, greed and public apathy. The legal system must be allowed to work solely for the good of the people seeking medical help, without the continuous barrage of unwarranted obstacles getting in the way of due process. This unnecessary loss of life for profit must end.



©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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