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The (Florida) Department of UnHealth -- DUH





Bassam Sayegh Ref. #: 201306314                     

Henry Shapiro Ref. #: 201306363                           

Edit Tolnai Ref. #: 201401195  

Gabriella Bonomo Ref. #: 201401197


To everyone involved with The Florida Department of Health,


What is wrong with you people?  It could not be any clearer you are covering up a mishandled surgery that led to the totally avoidable death of Fran Spiegel.  It seems you are playing some kind of game where you get points for protecting the criminals and I am not going to stand for it.

I demand all four cases - Drs. Bassam Sayegh- Ref. #: 201306314, Henry Shapiro Ref. #: 201306363,  Edit Tolnai Ref. #: 201401195 and Gabriella Bonomo Ref. #: 201401197 – be reopened immediately.  I am going to keep every media outlet I can reach continually informed of my progress to get you to do the jobs you are very well paid to do until I am satisfied.  That is a promise and a pledge.  Your indifference and misguided loyalties will no longer be tolerated.

Once again the indisputable corruption at the Florida Department of Health continues to flourish with no end in sight.  I intend to fight that with every resource I can possibly obtain.  The fact that no one at your agency seems to have the slightest desire to save lives is outrageous and profoundly dangerous.  

My wife, FRANCES SPIEGEL, was deliberately denied proper care at the Jupiter Medical Center to cover up a botched surgery by Bassam Sayegh.  His lies ultimately and very painfully, with the collusion of other medical professionals, cost Fran Spiegel her life.  The best the agency that was created to end these monstrous acts can do is bow down to the profiteers who are running healthcare and just shut down any attempt to seek the truth.  There is not enough profit in the world to justify how disgusting and law breaking your agency has become.

I want to be informed of all your findings and I want the secrecy and privacy nonsense to disappear.  I am so sick of being told your phantom "research doctors" don’t have to be named as the case has been closed.  That is just one of the insane injustices the Florida DOH spews out.  The corruption is mind boggling.  As I have informed the DOH several times, I have never been informed one single time, NOT ONCE, of the progress in any of the four cases as you are supposed to do.  It has been completely unconscionable.  It can only mean there is no investigation or when you realize how corrupt these doctors really are, the cover up immediately takes precedence.  I have proven beyond any doubt my wife was medically murdered and I am given the most corrupt explanations possible.  Your criminal condoning and covering up of medical murder has to end.  The sheer contempt you continue to display for innocent lives is beyond belief, especially when your sole purpose is to protect the lives of these very same people.

I have legal tapes of Henry Shapiro saying my wife is healthy and free of the deadly blood infection he created through sheer negligence, irresponsibility and indifference: all very provable.  The blood infection would have been avoided if he had adhered to the instructions of a noted oncologist at MD Anderson.  He released Fran the next day after that recording and Fran died of the blood infection Shapiro claimed was gone in just a few short weeks following that unimpeachable recorded statement.  I can also be heard on the tape asking how can my wife look so sick and be healthy?  He repeated his deadly diatribe and told me she is fit to go home.  The very next day he denied he said any of this and that it was me who demanded Fran be released.  His deadly lies are all on tape.  Yet your crack investigators found absolutely no wrong doing that could be attributed to this medical murderer.

There is so much that Bassam Sayegh did to kill my wife, it is unbelievable that not one of you has the integrity or just plain decency to prevent the whitewashing of this lying menace and multi-medical malpractitioner.  He claims my wife was bleeding internally for only a couple of minutes, when it was nearly two hours.  It can be proven by just the slightest investigation by your agency.  The continual lies and cover up are so clear it is sickening that I am still at an impasse due to your worshiping and boot licking of the money barons.  Again, your conclusions that no wrong doing can be found is beyond belief.

I have a document written and signed by Gabriella Bonomo of an operation that never took place.  It purports to justify that Sayegh had scheduled and performed an operation on my wife that never happened.   It was supposedly for an entirely different reason and another brazen attempt to whitewash Sayegh.  There is no mention of the botched surgery.  This along with failing to report blood problems, which she never explained, even though another doctor was incredulous and very angered by the fact Bonomo just ignored this development which contributed to my wife’s pain and ultimate premature end.  Once again, it is mind shattering the Florida DOH with their phantom doctors and ace investigators can find no wrong doing.

Edit Tolnai is an absolute disgrace.  She claimed almost immediately, before any tests were done that Fran Spiegel had Stage 4 cancer and her gallbladder was riddled with cancer.  This was proven 100% false by MD Anderson.  Yet, Tolnai just hours after the botched laparoscopy made these deadly claims and even told us we should start immediate chemo, when the proof of cancer was not known.  Any novice doctor knows the condition my wife was in, even if she had cancer, which is unlikely, chemo would probably have killed her. Shapiro did start chemo much too soon and without heeding the warnings from MD Anderson that would have prevented the deadly blood infection.  I am certain there was method to Tolnai’s madness.  There is little doubt that the whole cancer scare was a ploy to detract from the damage done by Sayegh’s lie and subsequent lack of proper treatment for the deadly harm he caused my wife.  A proper investigation would come to this conclusion.  Yet again the Florida DOH and their phantom investigations can find no wrong doing.  

I also had previously asked for an investigation into what can only be described as false biopsy slides.  The obvious tampering and misleading results of cancer is a monumental miscarriage of justice and should have you all begging to find the truth.  The slides were tampered with, delayed and proven to be false.  Fran Spiegel was given every conceivable test imaginable to justify the false slides and not one trace of cancer was ever found: just misreadings based on the fraudulent slides.  The reasons I was given to justify the original fake slides bordered on insanity.  Medical murder and fraud is the only explanation.  Once again, your crack investigators have done nothing.

Here is just another totally asinine and unremorseful aspect of your corrupt agency.  I wrote very respectfully I wanted no more correspondence from Susan Salamy.  I had the misfortune of speaking with her as was the proper thing to do at the time.  She was very rude and completely uninformed which evidently was why she was belligerent and offended that I dared ask questions she couldn’t answer.  Your corrupt agency which is supposed to help the victims and their families couldn’t even honor this simple request.  Susan Salamy certainly qualifies as a Florida DOH spokesperson.

I will be waiting very impatiently to hear from you.  Anything less than full compliance with all my requests will be unacceptable.  I promise I will start a media blitz documenting every single letter and email I have received and sent in detail.  I will make it a top priority to highlight every person in the Florida DOH that has failed to do their job.  This will continue until Fran Spiegel gets the justice she so belatedly and justly deserves.




-Mel Spiegel  

©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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