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   It is no secret my daughter and I are seeking to bring back sanity to the healthcare system.  There are so many flaws, besides the obvious, that have become acceptable and go unnoticed.  This is one personal true story that puts a spotlight on the difficulty of getting anything done to correct the corrupt healthcare system.

   While my wife was being subjected to almost every conceivable form of medical malpractice torture, we had an ongoing relationship with two lawyers who were both longtime friends of my family: Dave Spicer and Jeff Fulford.  They were former partners who both specialized in the medical field and dissolved their partnership after a falling out. This fact had nothing to do with our friendship, but eventually became important as Fran’s deplorable treatment became apparent.

   I informed Dave Spicer about the lie Dr. Sayegh told after he botched the original laparoscopy.  Spicer, immediately made it clear he wanted to represent and advise me though no contract was ever signed.  I had no reason, at the time, to doubt his sincerity or loyalty.  The very first thing he advised me was not to antagonize the doctors by questioning their reasons for going along with Sayegh’s lie, even though it was very clear what Sayegh had done.  I was later informed I should have gone all out with my questioning.  The fact that I followed Spicer’s advice seems to be a terrible mistake in retrospect.  I cannot help but wonder what might have happened if Spicer had confronted Sayegh with the truth on day one.  It is a question that will forever haunt me.

   Fran’s health quickly deteriorated as the lack of proper treatment continued.  I had no doubt there was a cover-up, but all my attempts to convince the doctors what had happened fell on deaf ears.  They were not going against another doctor, even though they had to be aware of his atrocious medical malpractice record.  They also were not going to go against the hospital where they worked.  Fran did not have a chance.

   On the day Fran lost her life to the medical murderers, Spicer showed up for the now arguable purpose of offering his condolences.  While the funeral home arrangements were being made, Spicer asked my daughter and me to take a ride with him.  He took us to his office where he incredulously told us we should not get an autopsy (even though we were certain the doctors were lying about Fran’s condition) and also advised us to have Fran cremated.  Subsequent legal advisors informed us how absolutely wrong Dave Spicer was.  I cannot prove his reasoning, but can only draw my own conclusions, which I’m sure the readers of this article also can.  Regardless, it would be just another victory for the medical lobby if I just dropped it and let it become another statistic.  That is not going to happen.  Since the incident in Spicer’s office, it became apparent he was no longer a friend.  He even stooped so low as to tell mutual friends lies about Sarah and me to justify his deplorable actions, causing irreparable damage to those relationships.

   A few days later we get a call from Jeff Fulford.  He invites Sarah and me to his home where he makes it very clear he wants to represent us.  He cites his friendship and the fact he thinks there are good grounds for a medical malpractice suit.  When I inform him very clearly that money had become a problem, he told me in precise terms, not to worry about it.  A truism among many truisms he now vigorously denies. We informed Fulford we did not believe the results of the original biopsy were Fran’s.  We came to this conclusion as scores of every kind of test taken in the short time Fran had left failed to show the slightest trace of the stage 4 cancer the original slides had shown. All treatment given Fran was on the assumption the original slides were accurate and thus the continuation of ignoring the real damage Sayegh had done.  This proved to be fatal. Fulford said he would start an investigation right away to find out if they were truly Fran’s slides.  I had absolutely no reason to doubt his word.  We learned after Fulford quit that no investigation was ever started even though there never was any clue during the seven months prior to his quitting that he hadn’t started the promised investigation. Just another gift for the doctors in their ongoing cover up.  We had given Fulford a complete rundown of the multitude of  lies, neglect  and medical mistakes that were inflicted on Fran and Fulford never once acted as though he doubted our word at all: just the opposite.

   Weeks passed and when we called for an update he would send us an email apologizing for his delay and that he was scheduling meetings with doctors and would get back to us.  Again weeks would pass and when we called once more, we would get another email and it would have the same apology and that he was going to schedule the same meeting with the same doctors.  It seemed pretty obvious very little was being done.  When we started pushing a little harder and actually emailing him that this delay had to be helping the doctors, we would continue to get the same innocuous answers.  Meanwhile his office led us to assume that Fulford did believe Fran had no cancer and we would soon be going to court.  Another truism which I’m sure will be denied.

   Almost seven months after our first meeting, I get an email from Fulford saying he believes in us both and will call in one week.  Sarah and I took it to mean there was significant progress and something was finally going to get done.  How wrong we were.

   One week later, Fulford calls and informs us he wants out.  He then goes into a litany of lies and twisting of what had transpired between us in what had become seven wasted months.  He then writes an email after I questioned his motive and his lying.  The email most certainly was written for his own purpose in case he had to explain himself.  I can say this with absolute certainty as the email was filled with lies and distortions.  I then wrote and asked specific questions about what he had done in his seven months and he had the audacity to write he will only answer questions on request to my new lawyer, when I get one.  I am certain any new lawyer will not get the truth.  There is no doubt in my mind that Fulford would and could not answer my very important questions as it seems he did very little to find any answers.  I have copies of all the email, mine and Fulford’s, in case there is any doubt of the veracity of my statements and conclusions.

   My personal guess to all this would be the doctors involved somehow got to Fulford and told him it would be in his best interests to back off.  The complete 180 degree turnaround in just one week has no other logical explanation.  I’m sure both Spicer and Fulford will come up with some phantom explanations.  This has been the ongoing trend for many years.  If the people who were supposed to protect the public had taken a stand right from the beginning, Fran Spiegel and millions more would still be alive.  I have written the truth with 100% accuracy and anyone contradicting one word would have to be lying.

   This is just one story of how the medical mal-practitioners think they can get away with anything.



©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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