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Wrong Priorities

          By: Mel Spiegel



     For whatever reason, every lawyer I have had or spoken with for the last two years has warned me overzealously about the two year Statute of Limitations on medical malpractice claims: all the while telling me I had a very strong case.   Even so, it does not matter how strong the case is.  You can have proof beyond any reasonable doubt, which I have, but the Statute of Limitations takes precedent.  Every lawyer I have encountered with my overwhelming proof of extreme and willful malpractice has helped bring me closer to that dreaded- most likely unconstitutional - Statute of Limitations.  Their cowardice or greed vigorously took precedent over their client’s needs.  


   On the other hand I have proof positive of Henry Shapiro’s guilt.  The Department of Health is currently investigating Henry Shapiro and has found cause to keep moving forward.  However, not my lawyers: they much too vigorously advised me I can’t use my proof of Henry Shapiro’s murderous lies that proved fatal because it was fraudulently obtained.  A fact which is absolutely untrue.  It was inadvertently and innocently acquired.  No one could possibly know at the time that the completely disgraceful Henry Shapiro was going to willfully lie about my wife’s condition that speedily, painfully and unnecessarily ended my wife’s life.  The complete and absolute proof of lies can be heard from this miscreant’s own lying mouth. 


   Regardless of the legalities, these cowardly or greedy lawyers (David Spicer, Jeff Fulford, Sean Domnick and the rest of their cronies who will all be named) will not fight the bought and paid for Statute of Limitations to help the client but will fight for a very, very ambiguous law to protect very, very guilty doctors.  Just how low and ridiculous has our sense of values and life become?


©2015 by The Fran Spiegel "Right To Know" Act

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